S925 sterling silver fashion design a shellfish set necklace earrings ring Korean style design mother of pearl ins wind

$30.00 $4.00
Color :
D563 (with 40cm cross chain + 5cm extension chain)
A pair of E323 (with plastic ear plugs)
ZW77 (opening can be adjusted)
purity :

style: Korean style/Korean style

Material: silver

Treatment process: plating

production code: D563/E323/ZW77

Sales serial number: D563/E323/ZW77

style: Women's

Combination of suits: Necklace+Earrings+Ring

Package: individual package

Occasions for gifts: Weddings, travel souvenirs, employee benefits

Custom processing: Yes

Item No.: D563/E323/ZW77

Origin: Shanwei

Inlay material: Unmounted

perimeter: 21cm (inclusive)-50cm (inclusive)

Chain style: Cross chain


Extension chain: 10cm or less

Pendant material: silver

pattern: shell

Precious metal quality: Necklace 3.55g/ Earrings 1.27g/ Rings 1.72g

color: D563 (with 40cm cross chain + 5cm extension chain), a pair of E323 (with plastic ear plugs), ZW77 (opening adjustable)

purity: 925 silver


Have licensable own brand: Yes

Listing year/season: Fall 2021

【Frequently Asked Questions】1. Question: Is the product genuine? How to issue an authentication certificate?
Answer: All products of our company are pure silver, and all products can be issued with an authentication certificate.
If you need an authentication certificate, please contact our customer service. It normally takes 1-3 working days, please wait patiently and we will issue the certificate to you as soon as possible. (If the certificate is issued, the certificate fee will not be refunded when returning the goods for a refund)
2. Q: Does the product come with silver chains and boxes?
Answer: All products in this shop are the price of naked goods, pendants do not have chains, earrings do not have white ear plugs, all styles are purchased without boxes and certificates (except for products that are specially marked to send certificates). Customers who need packing boxes and certificates, please take pictures Link below. (If it contains equipment, it will be indicated)
3. Q: When can I ship the goods on the same day, and when can I receive the goods?
Answer: Orders can be sent on the same day before 5pm in our shop. Shentong Express can receive it within 1-2 days in Guangdong Province and 3-5 days outside the province. (Note: These are the times required by express delivery under normal circumstances. In case of express delivery emergencies, there will be delays. Please be considerate and we will follow up for you at all times.)
4. Q: What is your working time? How should we keep in touch?
Answer: Our company's working hours are Monday to Sunday, 8:30-12:00 in the morning; 13:30-21:00 in the afternoon其他时间在线客服旺旺不在线的,可联系本厂经理黄先生:13560577912
答:做批发的缺货这个问题也是比较普遍的,我们只能保证在售的所有产品都有库存,但是俗话说的好:天有不测风云,因为毕竟是做批发的,每天的走货量都很大,也不敢保证给您配货的时候就一定有货,但是我们保证如果有缺货的,我们会在当天时间通知本人,征得本人的同意,进行处理。如果电话未打通或者是无人接听,我们会给您做缺货处理,把缺的款式会在销售单上面标记出来,有货的先给顾客发出去,以免耽误顾客需要的其他款式,如果给亲们带来不便,敬请谅解! 【售后保障】
2、 维修或保养:本店根据实际情况另行收取相关费用。若为本店原因造成的产品质量问题本店无条件负责到底,若为客户不小心造成的产品破损等问题,将根据客户的要求本店加以维修处理,但是来回的运费需由客户自行承担,若维修时修成超过10.00元的费用问题则由客户承担基本工费。 【加工定做】
本店依托自有工厂,支持来样订做,来图订做,一对一设计,工厂工人上百名,出货快,有十多年的银饰生产加工经验。单品100件以上可订做,满300件起免收版费。为客户提供个性加工定制等服务商户只需提供产品样品或者产品细节清晰图片及其相关尺寸,我们就可以根据这些进行加工定制。生产之际商户需预付模具费用,0-100元不等,本店在通过倒模出来的样品进行进行沟通确认核实,再实行生产。 大额定制订单生产之前,商户根据定制的数量需预付20-50%的启动资金。 【网店加盟】
优势:1.公司提供已经优化过的产品数据包供您使用;2.提供一件代发货的服务,大限度降低您的成本(需增加零售费用); 3.定期提供新品促销,引导销售,促进氛围。
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