Official Natural Cinnabar Zodiac Children's Red String Bracelet Baby Hand Strap

$30.00 $4.00
Color :
Baby zodiac rat [default 11cm]
Baby zodiac ox [default 11cm]
Baby Tiger Zodiac [Default 11cm]
Baby rabbit zodiac [default 11cm]
Baby zodiac dragon [default 11cm]
Baby zodiac snake [default 11cm]
Baby zodiac horse [default 11cm]
Baby zodiac sheep [default 11cm]
Baby monkey zodiac [default 11cm]
Baby Zodiac Chicken [Default 11cm]
Baby zodiac dog [default 11cm]
Baby pig zodiac [default 11cm]
Adult zodiac rat [default 15cm]
Adult zodiac ox [default 15cm]
Adult zodiac tiger [default 15cm]
Adult zodiac rabbit [default 15cm]
Adult zodiac dragon [default 15cm]
Adult zodiac snake [default 15cm]
Adult zodiac horse [default 15cm]
Adult zodiac sheep [default 15cm] inch]
Adult Chinese Zodiac Monkey [default 15cm]
Adult Zodiac Chicken【【Default 15cm】
Adult zodiac dog [default 15cm]
Adult zodiac pig [default 15cm]

style: folk-custom

Material: Cinnabar

brand: Qingxiangtai

production code: 4524

Sales serial number: 5756

type: Bracelets, bracelets

style: Unisex

modeling: Animals/Zodiac

Custom processing: no

Item No.: AL-657967264068

Origin: Lianyungang

Inlay material: Cinnabar

color: Baby zodiac rat [default 11cm], baby zodiac ox [default 11cm], baby zodiac tiger [default 11cm], baby zodiac rabbit [default 11cm], baby zodiac dragon [default 11cm], baby zodiac snake[ Default 11cm], baby zodiac horse [default 11cm], baby zodiac sheep [default 11cm], baby zodiac monkey [default 11cm], baby zodiac chicken [default 11cm], baby zodiac dog [default 11cm], baby Zodiac pig [default 11cm], adult zodiac rat [default 15cm], adult zodiac ox [default 15cm], adult zodiac tiger [default 15cm], adult zodiac rabbit [default 15cm], adult zodiac dragon [default 15cm], adult zodiac snake [default 15cm], adult zodiac horse [default 15cm], adult zodiac sheep [default 15cm] inch], adult zodiac monkey [default 15cm], adult zodiac chicken [[default 15cm] , Adult Zodiac Dog [default 15cm], Adult Zodiac Pig [default 15cm]

popular elements: nationality

Listing year/season: Summer 2021

Applicable gender: Couples

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