Niche design sense titanium steel non-fading necklace net celebrity explosion all-match sweater chain light luxury temperament fashion accessories trend

$14.25 $1.90
Color :

style: Japan and Korea

Material: alloy

brand: Tao Yuan Meng

production code: 8510

Sales serial number: 8510

type: Collar

style: Lovers

modeling: Letters/numbers/text

Package: individual package

Occasions for gifts: Weddings, travel souvenirs, employee benefits

Custom processing: Yes

Item No.: 8510

Origin: Jinhua

Chain style: other

Whether multi-layer: no

Whether to bring a pendant: Yes

Extension chain: 10cm or less

Pendant material: Plexiglass

perimeter: 21cm (inclusive)-50cm (inclusive)

color: silver


popular elements: Metal, ethnic, twist, letters, lace

Listing year/season: Winter 2021

           Online wholesale: Our company specializes in R&D, production, and wholesale jewelry manufacturing enterprises. Online wholesale can directly carry out mixed batches of products on our company website. Our stocks above are generally available because of our warehouse volume. It is relatively large, and there are less out of stock products, please understand. You can click the contact information to view the company website, or click Tradelink to negotiate directly.Ordering requirements: minimum order of 5 dozens/model for copper materials, 10 dozens/model for alloys, 15 dozens/model for resin or special material accessoriesSample cost: sample quantity within 3PC, sample cost: manual type is 200 yuan each; ordinary alloy products are 300 yuan each; alloy computer engraving products: 500-1000 yuan, depending on the precision of the product; sample costs can be ordered according to the order If the quantity or the purchase price reaches 3000 yuan or more, the sample fee can be refunded.New style express: timely update of product styles, grasp the forefront of trends anytime, anywhere. Please pay more attention to our shop!
Returned products: If the product has quality problems, you can submit a replacement request to our factory within 7 days after receiving the goods, and our factory will exempt you from liability for more than 7 days.
Payment method: direct payment in full for the value below 2,000 yuan, 30% prepayment is optional for more than 2,000 yuan, and the balance is paid before shipment before delivery:
packaging method: every PCS into a paper card OPP bag, 12 PCS into a large OPP bag ,If customers need to choose to use their own branded paper cards or unbranded paper cards, the delivery time should be stated in advance
: the surface mail payment will be shipped within 3 days, and the goods can be received within 7-15 working days after delivery, and the express payment will be until the next day Shipment, can be received about three days after delivery (if the stock is temporarily out of stock, we will discuss in detail) Contact number: 15024549749Alibaba: taoyuansp

If you buy a genuine product from a well-known manufacturer, as long as you properly maintain it, you can guarantee that it will remain as bright as new for several years. This kind of jewelry does not need to use very expensive maintenance water for maintenance, as long as it avoids acid, alkali and humid environment.The humid environment includes: do not wear it when bathing or washing your face, do not wear it when sweating a lot, dry it with a dry cloth before storing; put a desiccant in the jewelry box; put the jewelry in time when the artificial jewelry is not worn In the box1首 饰常更换,同一件首饰,应避免长时间佩戴,尤其是在炎热的夏天,首饰镀层长期接触汗水,容易消蚀 ,因此最好是预备多件饰品以用作经常替换。
2接触 化学药品,饰品易受损。沐浴时的香气、游泳中的氯气、海水中的盐份,都会对首饰镀层造成蚀痕,所 以洗澡或游泳前应将饰物全部卸除。
3碰撞易擦花, 存放要小心,切勿将饰品重叠在一起,应存放于原来包装袋中或置于备有独立小格子的首饰盒内,避免 相互碰擦而擦花表面
4不定时清洁首饰,选用软细毛 刷扫擦饰品表面,使饰品去除表面污渍。

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Niche design sense titanium steel non-fading necklace net celebrity explosion all-match sweater chain light luxury temperament fashion accessories trend
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